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About Us

About Elcon Instruments Ltd.

Elcon Instruments is a privately-owned medical technology company dedicated to innovation and excellence in the crafting of surgical instruments. The company started as a specialist in reconstructive surgery instruments and based on its success and innovative drive gradually expanded to cover a vast range of surgical instruments. We now offer innovative solutions in trauma, gynecology, cardiovascular, microsurgery and dental surgery.

Why are we dedicated to excellence in instrument craftsmanship?

Surgeons are highly talented and skilled individuals. They operate under significant time constraints and are required to make split second decisions while performing complex operations. At Elcon Instruments we understand that in such a scenario the surgeon requires tools that are not just fit for the purpose but are reliable, dependable and crafted by a company that has a track record for relentless pursuit for excellence in the making of surgical instruments.



At Elcon Instruments we aim to build partnerships for life and our customers have come to expect only the best in service from us.

You can rely on our expert advice! Our friendly and customer focused staff are always pleased to help you with any questions you might have.

Our broad instrument range enables us to provide individual solutions for our customers’ often with very complex requirements. Co-operating with carefully selected suppliers we provide the suitable item – in due time and at a competitive price. We are also able to manufacture prototype work and custom specials that are manufactured to customers’ requirements.

Our interactive website has a customer orientated approach and places the customer in the driving seat with access to quality information available at their fingertips. Customer can use the site login portal to build quotes & cross match all with just a few clicks!



Surgical instruments represent a significant proportion of hospitals total assets. Hospital and health centers are often required to minimize costs of surgical instruments without impacting quality or patient health. Decision makers tend to respond via group purchasing contracts & multiple quotes to shop around for the lowest price. However, this approach has significant drawbacks as numerous instrument companies have focused towards competing on price alone with a disregard towards instrument quality while claiming their instruments to be guaranteed and free of defects. The outcome for the buyer being, a perceived notion of a quality instrument, which is actually little more than a knock-off and delivers only poor value for money.

At Elcon Instruments our success has been based on helping customers navigate successfully through the instrument procurement process by identifying real value for money through fair comparison. We believe that quality should be affordable and you should not pay too much for over priced brands and neither should you pay too much for a low-quality instrument.

Elcon Instruments fills the gap between the overpriced priced brands and low-quality instruments and we aim to remain the most competitive in the industry while maintaining our hard-earned reputation for delivering highest quality products and value for money all in one package.



Our commitment to quality is more than a stamp; it’s embedded in our process! Each and every instrument is the result of working knowledge of surgeon’s art, exact knowledge of instrument specifications and industry's leading quality assurance programs.

All our instruments carry a limited lifetime warranty and are custom blended from a high carbon and chromium steel alloy conforming to BSEN ISO 7153-1 or BS 5194-1 (where applicable). We are ISO 13485 /ISO 9001 (SGS UK) certified and CE approved to ensure compliance with the standards defined in line with medical devices directive 93/42/EEC.